Entengo Cream and Mulondo Capsule Combo for Size Enhancement


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Experience the power of nature with the Herbal Entengo and Mulondo Combo Cream, a remarkable African solution to augment your intimate dimensions naturally and effectively.


If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to improve your intimate experience, your search ends here with Entengo & Mulondo Combo!


Our Entengo Cream and Mulondo Capsule Combo has gained popularity as a leading male enhancement supplement. By utilizing this powerful African Entengo Mulondo combination, you can enhance your intimate performance and experience a significant increase in size.


Embrace a fulfilling intimate experience and regain your confidence with the incredible benefits of Entengo Mulondo. Don’t hesitate any longer – place your order now and prepare to witness a noticeable difference!


Say goodbye to performance concerns and welcome an enhanced sense of vitality. Along with promoting healthy libido, our product offers a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs commonly used in such situations, which may carry undesired effects. Embrace the effectiveness of natural solutions for a satisfying and safe resolution.


Available As:

► Tablet Pack of 60
► Cream Pack of 30 gm



Nature Herbal’s Entengo Mulondo Combo is formulated with a unique blend of traditional East African herbs renowned for their ability to enhance male performance and promote size improvement.

The primary ingredient in Entengo Mulondo is the African Entengo & Mulondo plant (Mondia whitei), which is recognized for its aphrodisiac properties. This plant contains various bioactive compounds, such as saponins, alkaloids, and flavonoids, believed to support sexual function and encourage the growth of penile tissue.

Nature Herbal’s Entengo Mulondo Combo is commonly sought after by men seeking to enhance their performance, boost libido, or seek natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra or Cialis, which may have adverse effects.

One of the notable advantages of Entengo Mulondo is that it is a natural supplement that doesn’t require a prescription. While generally safe for most men, it is advisable for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions to consult a healthcare professional before use.

In summary, Entengo Mulondo is an effective and natural supplement for male enhancement, trusted by men worldwide to enhance sexual performance and promote size improvement. If you’re seeking a natural and effective approach to elevate your performance, Entengo Mulondo is the perfect choice.

How To Use


Entengo Cream: Apply the Entengo cream to the desired area twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Massage the cream firmly in one direction, from the bottom to the top edge, for approximately 4-5 minutes on an erect part. Allow the cream to fully absorb without washing the area for at least 2-3 hours. Rest assured, the cream does not produce any unpleasant odor even if you don’t wash the area. It is safe to apply the cream and leave it on. If you experience any heightened sensitivity, take a break and then resume.

Mulondo Capsules: Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening, totaling 4 capsules per day. Consume the capsules with either milk or lukewarm water.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use Entengo Mulondo Advance consistently for 45 days. This consists of 2 tubes of cream and 90 capsules, providing initial positive outcomes.


Benefit #1 – Natural Ingredients: Entengo Mulondo is made from a blend of natural herbs, including the Mulondo plant, which is known for its aphrodisiac properties. This means that you don’t have to worry about any negative side effects that are often associated with prescription drugs.

Benefit #2 – Improve Sexual Performance: Entengo Mulondo can help improve your sexual performance by increasing blood flow to the penis, which can help you achieve stronger and longer-lasting erections. It can also help boost your libido, so you can feel more confident and enjoy more fulfilling sex life.

Benefit #3 – Increase Penis Size: One of the unique benefits of Entengo Mulondo is that it can help increase the size of your penis. The herbs in the supplement stimulate the growth of penile tissue, which can result in a larger and thicker penis over time.


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5 reviews for Entengo Cream and Mulondo Capsule Combo for Size Enhancement

  1. Jady Chen

    Thank You! This product entengo help me out in bedroom. Its a great experience after taking …. I can recommended this product to my friends.

  2. Mat Perry

    Thank You so much! I have never seen such type of effective supplements. Entengo herbs change my whole life….Highly recommended to everyone…


    Thank You Nature Herbal to provide us Entengo Herbal Cream , Its a great experience after taking.

  4. MAVIS

    Hello everyone. Honestly saying the product actually worked for me, I used 3 combos and I have really felt change internally and externally, the size increased for about 6 mm and stamina was grown good. Thanks NH.

  5. John Scott

    In my opinion entengo is best herbs for penis enhancement, i am using entengo cream from last three month and i am satisfied with result.

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