18 Teen Vaginal Tightening Cream


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18Teen Vaginal Tightening Cream

Do you wish to tighten your vagina naturally? Do you wish to make your vagina tight and make it look like it used to before childbirth? Moreover, do you wish to get rid of the bad vaginal odor and to get your vagina back in shape? Then, all you need to do is apply our herbal product 18 TEEN, which is a completely natural Vaginal Tightening Cream. It saves you the cost and the side effects faced after a vaginal tightening surgery.

Suggested Usage:

Take a pea-sized amount of the cream on your fingers and gently rub it in your vaginal walls before bedtime. Once it starts to exhibit the desired results, limit the usage to once or twice a week. Make sure your finger touches the entirety of your vagina.



How does 18Teen Vaginal Tightening Cream work?

18Teen Vaginal Tightening Cream is an Ayurvedic cream which naturally tightens the vagina. It provides all-round care for the female genitals. It largely improves the elasticity and the tone of the vagina.  It helps to remove the vaginal dryness and also locks in the moisture there. Moreover, it also provides strength and firmness to the vaginal muscles.

Apart from serving as a vaginal tightening cream, 18Teen also acts as an antiseptic and kills the germs present in the vagina, thereby helping to get rid of the odor and keeping the vagina clean and hygienic. 18Teen Vaginal Tightening Cream stimulates the production of T-cells which are the antibodies and thus aid in fighting the infections and germs in the vaginal area. The cream consists of Honey, Camphor and V. Negundo which help to reduce the inflammation and swelling present in the vaginal region If any.


Benefits of using 18 TEEN, a vaginal tightening Cream

  • It provides natural vaginal tightening
  • It provides natural lubrication
  • It takes less time to work
  • It stimulates the sexual responses of the female
  • It prevents the growth of fungi and other inflectional bacteria


Factors affecting Vaginal Tightness

It is generally assumed that childbirth alone leads to the loosening of the walls of the vagina. It is not entirely true as apart from childbirth, the tightness of the vaginal wall is influenced by a number of factors. Aging and Hormonal imbalance are another set of important factors which lead to vaginal dryness and the loosening of the walls of the vagina. Apart from that, the walls of the vagina also start to loosen in the women who are undergoing menopause or pre-menopause phase. The results offered by 18Teen are permanent and makes the walls of the vagina tight and firm all over again.

Why prefer 18Teen, a vaginal tightening cream?

It has a wide range of application. Not only does this cream help in tightening the walls of the vagina but it also helps to treat conditions like Leucorrhoea (white discharge). In this condition, there is an uncontrolled discharge of a white sticky fluid which has a foul smell. This cream stimulates the production of effective antibodies which kill the germs growing in the vaginal area and thus provides treatment for this condition. Moreover, it is a completely natural herbal cream and hence there are no side-effects. The use of this cream should be prevented during the pregnancy period however it shows effective results within fifteen days if applied immediately after delivery.



  • Avoid the use of the cream during the menstrual cycles.
  • Women should prevent the usage of vaginal tightening cream during the pregnancy period.

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